1. TL
    January 28, 2019 @ 6:19 pm

    I don’t have any autistic kids. Actually, I don’t have any kids. I have a dog. And frankly, we’re lucky her food comes pre-made in a giant bag or she’d probably be out of luck around here. But I love reading your writing, and always find it so relatable. That’s talent 🙂 Another great post!


  2. Cheryl Clarys
    January 28, 2019 @ 7:01 pm

    Ohhhh, oh my……you touched my heart ,because you are so right ! My house has been empty of my children for many years, and they went by so fast, in a flash really ! I loved the perspective you used today . I look forward to your column every week , and this was just splendid ❤️❤️❤️


  3. Theresa Carver Hudson
    January 28, 2019 @ 10:23 pm

    This was such a great perspective. How fortunate you all are and I am as well to have a Home Base. My grown up daughter lives in Colorado but lands on the sofa when she’s home as though the house has hugged her and has told her she’s safe. My son is still here living at home. He told me once that the sound of bacon cooking on the stove top made him feel like everything in the world will be alright. Even if it’s just for today.


  4. terismyth
    January 31, 2019 @ 12:00 am

    Precious words. i can relate on so many levels. The fingerpaint pic is everything…
    Those days are over for me and I miss them a little. but being a nanny part time gives me the freedom to experience these happy times again. My boys love coming home for a meatloaf dinner and a hug. These are moments I cherish.
    My autistic son is finishing a coding class at UC Berkely and hoping to find a permanent job. I am actually helping him with applications. i know he should be doing it, but it’s the least I can do.
    And I can’t wait to make more art on Friday when I nanny again. It’s these small things that make my life complete.



  5. Keri Thompson
    February 4, 2019 @ 5:16 am

    Thank you!


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