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  1. Susan Nicholson
    March 6, 2023 @ 9:13 pm

    We never fail to read your weekly blog Carrie, and have followed Jacks journey since he was 5 and our granddaughter Maddy (we are her grandparents who care for her and her siblings) had just been diagnosed at 2. Maddy is on the lower end of the spectrum but there are so many ever present social skills and other issues which we continually try to understand and work through with her and the help of many branches in the medical world. Sharing your days, weeks, months and years with Jack on a weekly basis has been such a great help bringing relief for a while as we share your feelings of anger, frustration, questions, tears, and a good helping of smiles travelling along this road of twists and turns where there are no concrete answers but relief in knowing we are not alone.
    Thankyou for the gift you have and use with such dedication in putting into words what we who read your blogs find solace in.


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