1. Heather
    September 26, 2022 @ 9:16 am

    Oh, this post hit me in straight in the heart and the gut. The pain of knowing our sweet, gentle (if giant) boys are being judged and perceived as a “threat”, the idea that being different (“weird”) is a something one has to apologize for, it just absolutely destroys me. The best case scenario for my own son as he travels down the halls of his high school everyday is that he will be ignored. The worst case is that he will be picked on, bullied, and called out for his “differences”. I have often referred to my son’s disability as “invisible”, but it isn’t really…it is just unrecognizable to those that don’t live with it. And since it seems so foreign, so out of line with expectations, others come to see those with Autism as oddities, and potentially harmful ones at that.

    I. Want. To. Scream.

    Sending love to you all and to Jack. I know my Teddy would love his desserts.


  2. TracyEllen Carson Webb
    September 26, 2022 @ 5:06 pm

    My son is 6’4″ and about 220 pounds. I worry all the time about this very thing. I’m sorry Jack that I had a bad day.


  3. Gabrielle
    September 29, 2022 @ 5:37 am

    I’m so sorry Jack had this experience and felt he had to write this e-mail. Heartbreaking that our kids’ stressed-behaviour is often seen as being aggressive. Just heartbreaking.


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