1. jonicorcoran
    October 4, 2021 @ 8:23 am

    As the grandmother of a 14 year old grandson on the spectrum, I feel your worries as they are similar to mine.


    October 4, 2021 @ 10:26 am

    As a 76 year old father, I still have the same worries. Those who know her, can get to understand her, but in quick judgement, such as a court decision, they pretty much fail miserably.


  3. Vicki K
    October 4, 2021 @ 11:19 am

    Do you think his brother being off at college has something to do with it? You’re doing your best!


  4. Roseann Bleiweiss
    October 4, 2021 @ 11:35 am

    I feel your pain!!! Best thing we did for our son was put him on meds for his OCD after all these years he knows now when he needs a dosage adjustment.


  5. Teri
    October 4, 2021 @ 1:40 pm

    You’re probably not looking for suggestions, but I highly recommend a Taekwondo class if there is one offered in your community. I would drive my son to practice 4-5 times a week. It helps with balance, body control, mental awareness and self defense. My son loved meeting other people adults and students his age as well. Eventually he taught other children and made money.
    Swimming also helped with stemming, nervous ticks and echolalia. He was happy in the water.
    We needed to find places for him to go so he wouldn’t sit in front of video games all day.
    Good luck and take care of you.
    He is 27 now. Still not working and refuses to get a job. We don’t know how to help him. But we love him so


  6. Lisamum
    October 4, 2021 @ 3:00 pm

    Oh yes I hear you only too well unfortunately , but you really are not alone . Here it is the tense finger wagging, the pacing ,or the standing on the spot for hours, the talking out loud negatively to himself, negative phrases over and over and over again, every single day. Medication does seem to break it but I dream of a day without having to give it, a day when he can just be happy in himself. Thank you for writing , it really does help others feel not so alone, who else would understand this . You really do have to live it believe it. X


  7. Summer Koester
    October 4, 2021 @ 5:35 pm

    This is beautiful. Very touching. We just discovered our daughter is on the spectrum (she’s seven). I’m glad I found you!


  8. Cathy
    October 5, 2021 @ 8:40 am

    Jack is very blessed. You gave him the gift of siblings who can take care of him when you and your husband are gone.


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