1. Kai
    September 13, 2021 @ 11:55 am

    Such an emotional punch. Congratulations Joey, and have so much fun in this new chapter! We’re all supporting you!


  2. Suz
    September 13, 2021 @ 12:27 pm

    Beautiful. Good job Mom, you did well. If it’s any consolation, he will come back to you again…One of my most prized possessions I have is a mug my Mom bought me before I left for college. I cannot explain the feelings that mug encapsulates, especially now she is gone. He will appreciate it all one day in the not so distant future.


  3. Evelyn
    September 13, 2021 @ 3:29 pm

    Beautifully written !! Such a reminder we’re living in the “good ol days.” 💙💙


  4. Carol Heid8nger
    September 13, 2021 @ 8:38 pm

    Beautiful Carrie! Video was very touching 💕


  5. Janet Anderson
    September 16, 2021 @ 9:58 am

    BEAUTIFULLY Written, along with a song that brings tears. Been there! It is the circle of life. God bless u and your family.


  6. Jill
    September 28, 2021 @ 9:40 am

    Beautiful and touching Carrie. Well done mamma.


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