1. Allison
    October 5, 2015 @ 12:08 pm

    So very helpful and inspiring as always. Thank you! Our next big theater outing is The Sound of Music in a couple of weeks at a big theater here in LA with Grandpa who has dementia and doesn’t hear well. It should be quite a combination. We are hopeful we will all enjoy it.


  2. autismmommytherapist
    October 5, 2015 @ 2:04 pm

    So many times I said “yes!” during this post, but I think I loved “I will offer a kind word but not advice” the most. That’s where I dwell now. Thank you for this!


  3. TakingItAStepAtATime
    October 5, 2015 @ 5:00 pm

    I have always taken my son everywhere and like you, at times we’ve had to leave or apologize (or both) mostly when he was younger. Now that he is older I really am not afraid to take him anywhere at all, not to say that I don’t have my fair share of anxiety beforehand but he usually does quite well.


  4. Missy
    October 5, 2015 @ 9:43 pm

    This was so beautifully and eloquently written. It ot such a beautiful way of describing the many sides of children with ASD that parents are trying to handle. We could all use these views to be kinder in the world. Thank you for your insights.


  5. oshrivastava
    October 6, 2015 @ 4:57 am

    Reblogged this on oshriradhekrishnabole.


  6. Tracey bowlas
    October 6, 2015 @ 1:06 pm

    My 4 year old daughter has autism and pica she is very sensory based and is very angry most of the time she herts herself and me all the time i have autism cards if anyone stops and stares or even says some I would flip and that many arguments over my daughters attitude or a aggressiveness i had cards done that i give to the ignorant people around even if my daughter didn’t have autism it had nothing to do with anyone anyway now i am a full time carer studding at home to be a autistic teacher at home i have done a sensory garden for her she can touch taste eat anything it’s all edible even the grass and we have ducks too and the garden lights up at night we have Blackpool Tower too


  7. Deb
    October 9, 2015 @ 8:08 am

    Lovely and thank you for the reminder. I used to take Katie everywhere but lately, for the past ten years, it’s been so hard that her world and mine have gotten smaller.


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