1. Kathy@9peas
    March 23, 2015 @ 2:44 pm

    If you can survive from 2 to 5 with a boy, then you will be fine with the 12 – 15 ride that is just as rough…but, on the other side is this amazing experience of watching this boy turn teen start peeking out the man he will be one day soon…too soon, it starts coming at you fast.
    I always get my boys to read the posts about them first too, just to be sure they are okay with what I’m sharing, I love that Joey lets you share and peek into his world. What a great kid, and happy birthday to him.


  2. mummypupper
    March 23, 2015 @ 3:42 pm

    Wonderful post Carrie,I can absolutely relate as my baby son turned 12 last month.He is taller than me and sometimes I can hear his voice croak,he has the body of an almost man and the mind of a child,it’s very overwhelming.Like your Joey,Will is so calm and it seems like nothing phases him,I also worry if this is really the case or if he is simply playing the role that we have cast him in.I make a point to hug him a lot every day,he pulls away and groans and I joke that I am never going to stop with the hugging as he squirms away…but I mean it,I am never going to stop,even when he is smelly and greasy and spotty because I never want to wake up one day for things to feel awkward between us.
    The teenage years may be a rollercoaster but there is one bright light….my husband does pretty much everything that his mother tells him to…still….at age 46….mothers and sons huh 🙂


  3. Laurie Sheppard Kreh
    March 23, 2015 @ 6:59 pm

    So sweet. I’m crying. Yesterday I asked my almost-11-year-old to put her dirty dish in the sink. She took her bowl and spoon out to the kitchen and then went in her bedroom, slammed the door and spent the next 30 minutes throwing things around in her room. What did I do? Turned 50 I guess. She thinks I just don’t understand her anymore.


  4. Marie Keates
    March 26, 2015 @ 3:52 am

    What a lovely letter. I hope they keep them to remind them when they’re old and grey.m


  5. Pat Thompson Anderson
    April 3, 2015 @ 10:58 am

    Oh, Carrie! Your posts always do me in and I find myself either laughing hysterically or sobbing!! Both for this one!!!


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