1. Missy
    January 23, 2014 @ 3:40 pm

    Our family fights often seem to end with a big family pizza night. I love the cadence and rhythm you bring to family interactions. Each note so different.


  2. Ginger
    January 27, 2014 @ 8:10 am

    In answer to your possibly rhetorical question, yes, we have a child that does this too. Our youngest who thinks in black and white with rigid rules routinely decides he’ll “never love mommy again”, “never play with Daddy again”, “daddy’s no good, I only like mommy”, etc. Our daughter never does this stuff except for a short phase when she was 3, but our son always has an extreme reaction to perceived hurts and slights. He also ranks us by color and lately by number. I used to have to ask everyday what color I was on. He has no trouble telling Daddy that he’s been bumped to number 6 behind grandparents and his sister. He is forever telling us exactly what he thinks of people – loves one extended family member because she always sends him cookies, dislikes another because “he has a weird face” (his face is just a regular face btw), thinks another one has a “weird smell”. His opinions are strong, vocal and unalterable. Luckily, an hour later he often changes them of his own accord, so we’ve learned not to take the “I’ll never love you again,” and the “I wish you would die,” or “I wish I were dead,” not too personally because it seems to be his way of expressing strong emotions and he doesn’t have the social filter that would make you hold your thoughts inside until you calmed down a bit.


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